Monday, 15 September 2014


Hi guys, 

Two months ago, I came across this really cool DIY, of an item that I had been admiring for five years in one of my all time favourite shows: Gossip Girl. I always used to admire to awesome clothes and settings and every time, this painting of Prada Marfa, which hangs in the "Van Der Woodsens'" loft, used to caught my eye. In a DIY of one of the blogs I follow, it explained how you can easily copy this painting yourself. I doubted for a while, because it requires quite some precision work - which clumsy me isn't really suited for - but two weeks ago, I had a day off and decided to buy the utilities I need and started DIY-ing. 

I can tell you, it wasn't the easiest thing to make. At first I was struggling to find the right size in which I had to stretch the picture from Google to print it in a way that all the letters would nicely fit on the canvas. It literally took me 6 times before I had found the right size... Then after you cut out all the letters and place them on the canvas. With a pencil, you then write the letters on the canvas, which you later fill in with black - acryl - paint. I won't lie, it takes a little bit of time and effort, but it does pay off. I had to divide the work over three days because I had to work everyday until 7pm, but I'd say that if you do it in one day, it will probably take you a whole afternoon. But honestly, I felt so relaxed doing this after work instead of watching tv shows the evening. I should definitely more often do other relaxing things than using my computer such as reading or listening to music, etc. 

Et voilà, this is the end result. Even tough there are some minor things which aren't perfect I am very happy and proud with the end result! I think it also feels so much more special than if I would have just bought it, since I really had to put an effort in this. I didn't make a detailed and extensive DIY post out of it, beause I figured there are already so many tutorials to be found on this. So if you're not so sure on how to start with this, just type in something like "DIY prada marfa" and you will find tons of tutorials ;) 

I hope I can take it when I have to move to London for the upcoming school year, but I guess that will depend on the apartment/studio I find :) 

What do you guys think of the end result? Would / will you try this DIY as well?




  1. Deze diy was ik zelf ook al tegengekomen. Super gaaf! Ik vind die van jou ook erg goed gelukt :-)

    1. Dankjewel Cherel! Ik ben er zelf ook best trots op haha

  2. Supercool! Ik heb dat ook altijd een geweldig stuk gevonden, GG blijft één van m'n favoriete series ^^

    X Sara