Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Hi guys, 

Today a second outfit post from Rome. The last day we decided to visit the Vatican and after we just strolled around the amazing city, eating in cute little restaurants and visiting some shops since we had already seen everything which we set out to do. When we arrived at the Vatican I was mesmerized by the beauty of the architecture and found it to be much bigger and impressive than I could remember! Unfortunately we didn't have time to wait in line for three hours or so in order to be able to get in, but we did take a good look and then continued to the bridge of the city which gave a beautiful view of the entire Vatican city. 

Today I was wearing an entire new outfit which I had bought in the morning when I actually went out to "just get one t-shirt" because I hadn't bring enough light t-shirt since the wether predictions hadn't been that great. However the sun shone bright in all three days and the temperatures were sky high! Of course my mission of buying one little t-shirt ended up in me buying 4 t-shirts and two skorts, so I decided to wear my new outfit! Later in the day my boyfriend bought me this cute little straw had, a type of hat that I have been wanting to buy for like the past 3-4 years, but never actually "dared" wearing it, until now. And oh I a so happy with it! Haha I was as happy as a baby that day! I also bought some more things, but you will see that one of the upcoming days in a fashion/beauty haul. Btw wow cute is the old Fiat 500 at the end of this post ?!!? :D

Alcott top / Alcott skort / Subdued bag / random hat / Ralph Lauren shoes / Ray Ban sunglasses

Have you guys ever been inside the Vatican?




  1. Leuke foto's! En leuke outfit heb je aan. Ik ben zelf wel binnen geweest en dit was zoals verwacht inderdaad heel indrukwekkend. Toch denk ik dat je met het zien van alleen de buitenkant ook al een goede indruk hebt!

  2. Hele mooie simpele (maar stijlvolle!) outfit, zo zie ik ze het liefst ;) ook supermooie foto's! daar wil ik echt ook eens naartoe!

    X Sara