Sunday, 24 August 2014


Hi guys,

Remember how a few daysago I told you how I don't like to have too much "green" on my outfit pictures. Well a last week, I decided to go for a walk in the forest with my boyfriend in order to enjoy the nature and be a bit active. I decided to wear my fake leather leggings with my new sweater dress from Mango. Comfy whilst still looking nice! While we were walking my boyfriend asked me why I wasn't taking outfit pictures?!? (Since I normal beg and annoy everyone to "please take some pictures of me" haha) 1. I don't like green in my pictures and we we're surrounded by nothing else than green and 2. My mindset was on spotting little animals and having a sunday afternoon walk, which means no make up whatsoever (equals no picture time). But then I thought what the heck so I had a little au naturel photo shoot in the forest, explaining aallll the green in my pictures haha! I guess it doesn't hurt for just this once, with the sun shining and all, it actually looks quite nice I think :D 


Mango sweater / Primark leggings / Converse shoes

What do you guys think of this natural & comfy look?




  1. Wauw, ik vind de foto's echt super mooi geworden! En simpele, maar leuke outfit!