Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Hi guys, 

You probably don't know this but I am currently working in a clothing store in Antwerp as a summer job. Earning some extra money is very fun and all, but the store has a very strict dresscode which consists of wearing all black everything. Now you know that I love wearing black, however if you have to wear all black. everyday. then it becomes a bit boring after a while. I tried spicing things up by trying out different shoes (which I then got criticized for, because even the shoes need to be black), hairstyles and even lipsticks (totally out of my comfort zone). But still, I miss being able to wear all my other clothes and being creative by trying to create different outfits every time. Therefore on my day of, I was so happy that I had some errands to run, which I could "dress up" for. I called my brother and immediately asked if he could take photos haha! And this is the result. I call it blazer chic. I love these kinds of outfits and always go for this look when the weather is warm enough that I don't need a jacket but I can't wear a dress. Then I just pick a jeans, t-shirt and blazer. I don't know if you've noticed but I often mention how my outfit is simple yet classy/pretty/cool, etc. I think that's just my style. Simple but good. After all, "less is more" didn't become a fashion guideline for nothing ;)

Here I am wearing my white VOGUE t-shirt, which I wore in one of my very first outfit posts back in May. I hadn't worn it since, so I thought it might be nice to take it out again. I combined it with my one of my favourite jeans' at the moment and my good old black all stars. I really like the pictures my brother made, although I am missing the beautiful settings of the beach in Croatia and the cool architecture from Rome! I namely live in the middle of the forest and although that is a beautiful environment to grow up in and feels like a luxury when you go jogging or whatsoever, I don't really like the "green" in the background of outfit pictures haha! Therefore I always try to make them in front of the bricks of our house or something. When I go to London I can't wait to make outfit pictures in cool new settings! Although I'm not sure yet who my "cameraman" will be... I think I'll have to fly my brother over from time to time haha!

Vogue t-shirt / H&M blazer / Bershka jeans / Converse shoes / Subued bag / Ray Ban sunglasses / Otum watch

Do you have a dresscode at work? And how do you try to make the best out of it?




  1. Wat een mooie outfit weer! Ik hou van casual outfits met een elegante touch. Je t-shirt is echt superleuk!

    X Sara

  2. De foto's zijn inderdaad erg mooi geworden! En toffe outfit. Ik werk zelf ook in een kledingwinkel en mag daar eigenlijk dragen wat ik wil... Dat scheelt best wel, maar is soms ook wel weer lastig omdat je dan juist teveel keuze hebt, haha. Het is ook nooit goed he ;-)