Sunday, 6 July 2014


Hi guys, 

Yesterday the temperatures had luckily dropped to a normal and relaxing temperature so I could go outside and do some errands, go run, etc. again, after it had been extremely hot the day before. - Don't get me wrong - , I love it when it's 30 degrees, but when you're stuck in your apartment preparing a presentation for school with only a little fan to cool you down? Hmm yeah.. you get my point. Anyways yesterday the weather still nice so I wore a casual outfit. My new grey jeans which I bought in Bershka, my New Balance shoes - which after a year of standing in the closet have now become my absolute favorite sneakers - and my new basic top from Forever21 (shopping haul with all my summer purchases soon to come!). For the ones of you who are wondering where these pictures were taken, I was visiting my boyfriend in Amsterdam so I wanted to take advantage of some new and cool locations to use as a background. Especially since my outfit was quite simple, I wanted a background that would really stand out. This wall is from a nightclub called "Jimmy Woo" who change their wallpainting from time to time, depending on which special events are taking place. Since my boyfriend lives in the centre, I often pass by it and have always thought that the paintings were picture worthy ;) Lately it has been this panther, which I thought looked very cool! The colors look amazing on camera! What do you guys think?

Bershka jeans / Forever21 t-shirt / New Balance shoes

Have you guys often been to Amsterdam? And what do you think of the city? 




  1. hele leuke schoenen! en leuk gedaan met die achtergrond

  2. I love Amsterdam! De foto's zijn super gaaf geworden!