Saturday, 31 May 2014


Hi guys,

Today finally a post that wasn't made in a hurry and taken with a good camera :) Today I went to the city to get my phone fixed and had lunch with my dad. The sun was shining while I enjoyed a lovely grilled salmon salad. A perfect relaxing day! I wore a black jeans with a velvet floral print and combined it with a simple white t-shirt, leather jacket and all white sneakers.

The t-shirt is from VOGUE The Netherlands, which was a gift when the first Dutch VOGUE launched in the Netherlands last year. I hadn't really worn it much yet up until now, but I actually quite like it! I need to wear this t-shirt more often :D I also took out a golden oldie, namely my all white sneakers from Adidas! These sneakers used to be my absolute favorite back in high school - which is almost 3 years ago, God I feel old haha! - and I used to wear it under absolutely everything. From jeans, to dresses and even skirts. So it felt good to be wearing them again, kind of nostalgic :) Btw how nicely did I get tanned while I was in the South of France, love it!

VOGUE T-shirt / Primark jeans / Essentiel jacket / Adidas shoes / Otum watch / Models Own nail polish

What do you guys think of sneakers? Would you also wear it under dresses/skirts/shorts?




  1. Leuk met die broek. Op die tweede foto lijk je echt immens bruin

    1. Dankje :) haha ja he, ik schrok er ook van!

  2. Mooie foto's! En wat een tof horloge! Liefs, Melissa.

  3. really nice! I love it!

    Maybe we can follow each other? I started follow You first:)