Saturday, 24 May 2014

3 14

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we decided to go and chill on the roof of the 3 14 ("Trois Quatorze") hotel after a heavy night out in Cannes. FYI, we went to watch Snoop Dogg in VIP Room. We've been wanting to go to the 3 14 Hotel since it has a jacuzzi on top of the roof of the hotel, which gives you an amazing view of the beach and sea of Cannes and the beautiful architecture of the famous Carlton hotel. I decided to wear a casual destroyed shorts with a white crop top and my bikini under it combined with my leopard print flip flops.

Primark shorts / Primark Bikini / Primark flip flops

We stayed until the sun went down and had a lovely day! Now I have to move because we're going out again. Tomorrow is the last day of Cannes Film Festival, gotta make the most out of it ;) ! Ciao!!